Dear Customers and Friends ,

  Welcome to Gold-East! Perhaps we are one general manufactory in China, our products may be no much difference from others. But If you have cooperated with us , even if only once, you will feel that we are indeed different from others.


  1. Best Services


  Firstlly You will feel our best services. We adhere to the policy "customers for the Friends, Respect for the customers . Whether how many your orders and how complex your requests, we have a professional division of labor, fine cooperation team to help you, you will be 100% satisfied!


  2.Quality is First


  We attach great importance to quality, the quality is the first among the entire production process. If you are our partners, you will not have to worry about quality, just pls easily enjoy the procurement process.


  3.Quick Delivery


  From receiving orders to the raw material procurement, production scheduling, quality control, the entire process are clearly arranged , and can be cooperated flexibly. Generally Speaking , the leadtime as below :


  10,000pcs USB Flash disks : 2 – 3 days ,


  10,000pcs MP3 and MP4 : 4 – 5 days


  10,000pcs Mobile Phones : 8 – 1 0days


  If the very urgent orders, we can deliver faster.


  4. Reasonable prices


  Today the price competition is very hot , we do better in several ways to control costs and lower prices.


  ① Taking a series of improvement measures to reduce the production rate of non-performing, lower cost effectively .


  ②Through the professional studies by engineering and production department, production process and technology are improved, and hold rigorous training to staff, thereby greatly increase production efficiency.


  ③ We purchase a large number of machines, such as SMT Mounter, reflowing machines and Ultrasonic machines … to reduce some production by workers, correspond to reduce the production costs.


  ④ Spending a great effort to pick cost-effective material suppliers. Meanwhile, with the growing volume of procurement of raw materials providers can also lower their prices accordingly.


  ⑤Promoting the unique corporate culture and relaxed, harmonious and interpersonal relationships. Very low staff turnover, reduce training and increase productivity


  5. Focus on innovation


  We know that innovation is the soul of an enterprise development, but also to measure whether a business is truly competitive signs. With innovation we can meet and drive customers demand and growing up with customers.


  "How happy we are , to meet friends from far away” the says of Kongzi 2000 years ago .Chinese is always very warm hospitality, Courtesy demands reciprocity . Similarly, Asians also sincerely invite you and your friends to here .


  Pls email us if you have any suggestions.


  Email : gold@gold-east.net